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In 2008,Andier Qian met Mr. Xie,the general manager of TAIWAN GLADAID key cutting machine. Xie Zong was born in the key cutting machine well-known family, Mr Xie asked us to how to make key milling cutter more durable and accurate. I said to Mr Xie: "it is a simple problem. Why can’t you find a satisfy manufacturer?" Mr Xie told me: "Key cutter is a little special, many factories does not study it." Originally, key cutting machine was a small table machine, manual operation, rotating is not quickly like large milling machine, power small, big shock when manual cutting, so key cutter is designed specially , raw material must have good impact resistance. In addition, so far in market manufacturer is not specialized key cutter manufacturer and don’t have professional detection machine, most of them produce lower quality products.

Andier Qian dicided to establish Zhangjiagang ruizheng tool Co.,Ltd and firmly believe that China can also produce the world's highest level key milling cutter.

We start soon.Andier bought two key cutting machines from local key supplies wholesaler Mr Li. One is horizontal key cutting machine, it use 60x6x16 angle milling cutter.The other is vertical key cutting machine.We decided to make high quality key milling cutter for key cutting machine at the beginning. In past time, in market HSS key cutter for key cutting machine is common, but we worked on mold processing industry before and chosen carbide material, so we decide to make carbide key cutter for key cutting machine.

At that time, there is no carbide cutter in Chinese market and all use HSS cutter.
In European and American the solid carbide cutter is less and price is expensive, one carbide end mill cost over $300.

The first batch of Raise carbide key cutter came out.It’s sharp, cut iron keys like cutting cheese. But we found carbide material is brittle. If locksmiths have no experience and unstable hands when cutting keys, the key cutter is easily broken. Analysis of the reasons, originally, rotating speed of handle key cutting machine is not only slow, but also spindle concentricity can not meet demands, CNC milling machine accuracy is at least 0.01mm, but when we measure the precision of the manual key cutting machine, we was shocked and presicion even exceeded 0.15mm.

Therefore, RAISE begin to study good toughness and impact resistance carbide material with the manufacturer, we add Co element to carbide material, it greatly increase toughness of cutter. In addition, RIASE R&D team has also improved the design of cutter edge. According to the characteristics of the key processing, the parameters of the key milling cutter that is different from mold industry are designed, including front angles, back angles, and edge width. It increased the depth of the chip removal. After improvements, test results is satisfactory, over 2.00mm end mill cutter don’t easliy break under normal operation, the break rate of 1.0 and 1.5mm end milling cutter is also greatly reduced, so we solved the problem that key milling cutter have no good wear resistance and is not sharp.
Compared with HSS-TIN end milling cutter, RAISE carbide milling cutter is 5 times then their price. But RAISE insist on quality priority and won’t reduce quality in order to save money. We will constantly research and develop, quality is getting better and better, but price don’t increase.
It turns out that our original choice is correct. Now key cutting machine is also updated, lock is also getting better and better, key that we use cheap key cutting machine to play double track and hyperbolic slot is difficult to open the door. Car locksmiths have generally used electronic key cutting machine, civil locksmiths will gradually update key cutting machine. Time cost is getting higher and higher, and more and more locksmiths need good cutter like us.
So far RAISE has provided service for more than 10 key cutting machine factories and 160 distributors in the world and participated in the research and development of key milling cutter, we help European key machine factory to improve drawings and make new carbide key milling cutter standard and design key cutting system. We has become suppliers of most popular key processing solution plan in the world.

RAISE have spent ten years, from imitation, to customization,
to independent research and development, to innovative design.

RAISE Vision
To be the leader brand of high quality key cutters in the world.

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