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What kind of key machine does your cutter use?What are the matters needing attention?
​1、Our milling cutters match all the key machines, we can also customize the milling cutters.Our milling cutters equip key cutting machines such as SILCA,HPC, JMA,ILCO,KEYLINE, SEC-E9, CONDOR,MIRACLE, WENXING, GLADAID, +-x÷,etc.
2、When using the milling cutter, keep the machine clean and accurately place the milling cutter. You cannot install the end mill of the automatic key machine on the manual key machine.
How is your milling cutter compared to the original cutter?
The original cutter of the key machine only pays attention to the perfect match and cooperation between the milling cutter and the key machine.We are specialized in the production of milling cutters, so that the performance of the cutters and key machines can be maximized.After continuous research and development, our cutters are sharper and durable.
Do you have after-sales service?
Of course, if there is any quality problem, please return it to your dealer.Our company guarantee return and exchange cutters for free.Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
What are your characteristics?
Our speciality is solid carbide key milling cutter, which is adopted of Swiss imported tungsten steel.It is sharp and can process brass keys and handle the harsher nickel silver (such as HONDA KEYS, STRATTEC KEYS).Cutting keys with no squeaking and smooth key incision, no burrs.
How accurate is your milling cutter?
Our cutter is with high precision and the size accuracy is up to 0.01mm. To ensure that the key can be matched to open the lock core.Meet the European precision requirements of the lock core.Five generations of duplicate keys can open the lock core.
How long is your delivery time?
We can ship the cutters within 2 working days if the cutters are in stock.
Can your milling cutter cut the iron key?
Yes, our cobalt-containing high speed steel(HSS) milling cutters with black TiALN coating.Cut the iron key and process the key containing impurities.You can save time by cutting copper and iron keys without changing the cutter.
are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
We are manufacturer and professional produced milling cutter since 2009.
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