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development history

  • 2008

    March.Raise key cutter with eight years experience in the mold industry CNC milling production founded Project Department of Key milling cutters.

    April.The first solid carbide mill cutter was produced.

  • 2009

    August.The first carbide mul-t-lock was produced.

  • 2010

    April.The first batch key milling cutters was sent to key duplicating machine producing country --- Italy.

    May.We attended 518 Chinese locksmith meeting and the carbide key milling cutter was greatly welcomed.

    June. The first carbide angle milling cutter was successfully online.

  • 2011

    May.The first carbide side milling cutter was produced.

    August.The first carbide dimpling cutter was produced.

  • 2012

    April.The key milling cutters which are suitable for US HPC key duplicating machine were sent to the United States.

    August.The key milling cutter which adopted HSS M42 imported from Japan was produced, with high hardness and high wear resistance.

    September.The RAISE key cutter was invited to participate in the annual meeting of the American Locksmiths Association-ALOA and showed the carbide key milling cutter in the US market for the first time.

  • 2013

    August.The production of RAISE circular cutter was improved to grinding manufacturering process, which is a landmark innovation in the process industry.

    December.The No.100,000 locksmith bought key milling cutter from RAISE.

  • 2013

    August.The production of RAISE circular cutter was improved to grinding manufacturering process, which is a landmark innovation in the process industry.

    December.The No.100,000 locksmith bought key milling cutter from RAISE.

  • 2014

    June.The carbide key milling cutter which is used to process Ford key was produced.

    October.The solid carbide dimpling cutter realized the fully automotic production.

  • 2015

    April.Carbide angle milling cutter with side milling design succeeded, locksmiths call it --- Dragon cutter.

    April.RAISE wechat service was launched, which provided the intimate service for the locksmith., just input the model key machine, you can check all specifications of key milling cutters.

    May.We developed the drawing of carbide angle milling cutters which was suitable for SILCA key duplicating machine, test received success.

    May.The official Website of raise key cutter oficially opened---www.raisekeycutter.com.

  • 2016

    February.Production base of RAISE key cutter passed the certification of Swiss SGS.

    March.The carbide oblique key cutter with the dense tooth was produced.

    May.The craft of side milling cutter had a comprehensive upgrade, the side cutting edge became sharper without noise.

    June.Developing a non-magnetic tracer, which solved the localization problem of tracer that puzzled locksmith.

    October.RAISE new anti breaking C class cylinder milling cutter, single edge endmill cutter also called QIHONG end mill cutter developed and tested successfully.

    November.RAISE full grinding cobalt- containing high-speed steel angle milling cutter---RAISE BLACK ANGLE MILLING CUTTER was successfully and put on the market.

  • 2017

    January.RAISE released the Type II double- edge straight groove dimple cutters.

    April.RAISE's new constant temperature CNC workshop was completed and put into use. RAISE launched the Keyline 994 special end mill cutter.

    May.NINJA TOTAL carbide angle milling cutter was launched.

    June.RAISE adopted a fully automatic production line, which greatly improved the sharpness of the milling cutter.

    September.A locksmith meeting and training class was held in the Russian coastal city of Astrakhan. In collaboration with Lishi inventor Li Zhiqin and CONDOR CNC machine engineers, a training of 60 locksmiths in Russia was conducted.
    RAISE participated in the European ELF seminar and was well received by European locksmith users.

    October.RAISE'S new generation of LANGYA end mill cutters are produced.

    November.Using the top European craftsmanship, the drilling and milling combined dimple cutter was successfully developed and sent to foreign countries for good test results.

  • 2018

    April.The company introduced the most advanced image detector equipment in China with a measurement accuracy of 0.001mm.

    June.The carving cutter was developed and tested by American customers. The effect was very satisfactory.

    July.Attended the American ALOA Locksmiths Conference.

    September.The company developed a special milling cutter for 3D Laser Key Products.

    SeptemberThe end mill cutter with chamfer was successfully tested and brought to the US customer for testing.

    NovemberThe low-resistance anti-breaking tracer point was successully developed and the locksmith test was completed.

    DecemberThe introduction of 200 times microscope, automatic online testing equipment, ensure the stability of product quality.

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