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Why do HSS cutters need to be replaced with carbide cutters?

1. Carbide material has high hardness and strong wear resistance. The produced tools have a longer service life under the same circumstances. At the same time, the high hardness ensures the rigidity of the cutting edge, making the cutter sharper, the key can be copied quickly, and it is smooth and free of burrs, which greatly saves the time of the locksmith.

2. Cost-effective calculation, for example, a high-speed steel HSS end mill of 1.5 dollars can cut 10 key blanks, then the cost of a single key blank cutter is 0.15 dollars, and a sharp carbide end mill of 8.5 dollars can cut 180 key blanks, then The cost of a single key blank tool is 0.05 dollars. In the actual use process, a considerable number of customers will have a lower cost of use, so that a higher cost performance can be achieved.

3. The laws of the market ensure that a large number of products sold are upgraded from low-end materials to high-end materials, so it is an inevitable trend to upgrade key milling cutters from high-speed steel to carbide materials, and the earlier you accept new products, you can enjoy earlier The convenience brought by new products.

4. The accuracy of locks is getting higher and higher, and the accuracy requirements for copying keys are also higher. RAISE brand carbide milling cutter has high precision and tolerance within 0.01mm, which ensures the accuracy of processing keys and improves the opening rate.

    Conclusion: Compared with high-speed steel HSS cutters, carbide cutters have longer service life, higher sharpness and higher hardness, resulting in higher overall cost-effectiveness, which is the general trend of industry upgrading.

   RAISE whirlwind cutter has entered the market, and it is not easy to break the cutter when used on medium and low-end key machines.If you are interested in,please feel free to contact us.

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