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About how to correctly identify RAISE brand milling cutter - your questions can be found here

ZHANGJIAGANG RUIZHENG TOOL CO., LTD.: Committed to building a global leading brand of high-end key milling cutters. Win by quality and spread worldwide by word of mouth.

RAISE mission is to "make unremitting efforts for better, faster and more worry-free profits for locksmiths around the world with high-quality milling cutters and innovative service items!"

We will keep in mind the corporate purpose: focus on the development and manufacture of the sharpest key milling cutter, and strive to achieve a win-win situation for customers, enterprises and employees!

RAISE KEY CUTTER, justice strikes the world awe-inspiringly.

ZHANGJIAGANG RUIZHENG TOOL CO., LTD. was established in 2009. It is the world's leading professional manufacturer of high-end key milling cutters, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of the world's sharpest carbide key milling cutters. , brand marketing in one, focusing on the research and development and production of key milling cutters for more than ten years, can produce milling cutters used in various brands and models of key machines, suitable for more than 30 brands of key machines around the world, such as SILCA, KEYLINE, JMA, HPC, ILCO, WENXING, JINGJI, MIRACLE, E9, ANSAN, BIANCHI, NINJA, FUTURA, 3D, GLADAID, EAST OF WU, etc.

Types of milling cutters include end milling cutters and cutting wheels. Vertical milling cutters include: milling cutters for car keys and civil key slots, drills for key holes, and tracer, which can be used in manual key machines and automatic key machines. , cutting wheels include: key cutters, Mortice keys, etc. There are about 1000 kinds of milling cutter specifications, and more than 300 kinds of common milling cutter specifications.

Master locksmiths, please look for the milling cutter: RAISE brand.

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