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55 Common Grade

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End Milling Cutter

55 Common Grade
carbide single-edge end mill cutter raise qinghong
solid carbide helical end mill cutter raise langya
HSS tracer point for vertical mechanical key machine
solid carbide single-edged dimple cutter
solid carbide double-edged dimple cutter
solid carbide double-side dimple cutter
HSS-high speed steel tracer point for dimpling
solid carbide single-edged dimple cutter special for double rowof pins
HSS tracer point for dimpling for double row of pins
electronic key cutting machines milling cutter and tracer point
multlock sets with solid carbide dimpling cutters
Medeco cutter set
60 Universal Grade
solid carbide high gloss grinding end mill cutter
solid carbide smooth and low drag tracer point
solid carbide dimple cutter
solid carbide tracer point for dimpling
solid carbide end mill cutter and tracer for bianchi 994
solid carbide end mill cutter and tracer point for electronic key cutting machine
solid carbide end millcutter and tracer point for viper
solid carbide end mill cutter with chamfer
solid carbide end mill and tracer for futura
solid carbide end mill cutter for ninja
solid carbide dimple cutter for ninja
solid carbide dimple cutter for automatic key cutting machine
High fracture resistance and sharpness whirlwind end mill cutter
Top 80 swiss Grade
solid carbide end mill cutter and tracer point for 3D laser key products
solid carbide end mill cutter and tracer for bianchi 994
solid carbide end mill cutter and tracer point compatible with viper
solid carbide end mill cutter with chamfer
Best carbide end mill and tracer for futura
solid carbide end mill cutter for ninja
solid carbide dimple cutter for ninja
solid carbide drill for KESO Lock
solid carbide drill for brass cylinder

Angle Milling Cutters

Order code RAISE ref Type
P-1002 FP8W平齿 Flat slotter
P-1003 CU15C Flat slotter
P-1005 PL1.25W Flat slotter
P-1011 SG14W Flat slotter
P-1018 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1020 FP19W Side milling cutter
P-1021 CU15AC Side milling cutter
P-1023 SG18W Side milling cutter
P-1024 SG19W Side milling cutter
P-1038 0011B C.C. Angle Milling Cutter
P-1049 CU50A Angle Milling Cutter
P-1057 34MC Angle Milling Cutter
P-1060 X23MC Angle Milling Cutter
P-1069 0010#M35 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1070 P01 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1080 FP11 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1082 P21 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1083 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1084 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1088 0020#M35 Flat slotter
P-1089 SG1 Flat slotter
P-1094 0022#M35 Flat slotter
P-1098 SG2M-TIALN Side milling cutter
P-1105 SG2/FP21 Side milling cutter
P-1108 FP19 Side milling cutter
P-1109 FP8 Side milling cutter
P-1149 TH7012 Tracer Point
P-1155 AW5512 End milling cutter
P-1173 DW2105 Dimple cutter
P-1199 U102TTM Tracer Point
P-1200 U101M Tracer Point
P-1201 U102M Tracer Point
P-1202 U103M Tracer Point
P-1203 U103TTM Tracer Point
P-1204 TL003 Tracer Point

P-1218 TW7015 Tracer Point
P-1219 TW7020 Tracer Point
P-1220 TW7025 Tracer Point
P-1222 DW1105-4.5 Dimple cutter
P-1223 DW1095-4.5-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-1224 DW1090-J4.5 Dimple cutter
P-1332 EW6825-BS7 End milling cutter
P-1452 W302M End milling cutter
P-1045 EM18 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1463 W101 End milling cutter
P-1472 TH8095-J4.5 Tracer Point
P-1475 TH8105-J4.5 Tracer Point
P-1497 FP32 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1533 HJ0012 TIALN Angle Milling Cutter
P-1538 WSSG4/SG23W/SG4W Flat slotter
P-1561 SG17W Flat slotter
P-1571 EW8025-BS7 End milling cutter
P-1571 EW8025-BS7 End milling cutter
P-1572 EW8015L-BS7 End milling cutter
P-1573 EW6815G-BS7 End milling cutter
P-1604 0014J-M35 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1651 0023AM35/FP20 Side milling cutter
P-1661 01TM Tracer Point
P-1686 0011#M35 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1695 FP11W Angle Milling Cutter
P-1716 W129M End milling cutter
P-1730 CU14 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1733 W114 End milling cutter
P-1762 TR0.0625 End milling cutter
P-1764 HJ0111 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1765 HJ0010 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1766 HJ0011 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1767 HJP01 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1768 HJ0014J Angle Milling Cutter
P-1769 EM18W/3012W Angle Milling Cutter
P-1785 0111# Angle Milling Cutter
P-1801 P21W/D911868ZR Angle Milling Cutter
P-1832 0012#/8810# Angle Milling Cutter
P-1869 WSSG3 Flat slotter
P-1871 0022AM35 Side milling cutter
P-1925 B53 Angle Milling Cutter
P-2024 EW6830-BS7 End milling cutter
P-2025 EW8030-BS7 End milling cutter
P-2026 EW8015G-BS7 End milling cutter
P-2028 WPP032 Angle Milling Cutter
P-2101 PL1.5W Flat slotter
P-2112 Angle Milling Cutter
P-2157 DW5090-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-2157 DW5090-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-2228 FP12W Angle Milling Cutter
P-2504 3D Xtreme and S Angle Milling Cutter
P-2519 01F-TIALN Angle Milling Cutter
P-2521 01DM Dimple cutter
P-2781 HJ0017 Angle Milling Cutter
P-2841 DW5100-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-2841 DW5100-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-2941 TH8080-J4.5 Tracer Point
P-3120 EW5512B End milling cutter
P-3121 EW5515B End milling cutter
P-3122 EW5520B End milling cutter
P-3124 EW5525B End milling cutter
P-3127 EW5530B-4F End milling cutter
P-1362 EW6020LB-4F End milling cutter
P-1326 EW6025LB End milling cutter
P-1327 EW6515LB End milling cutter
P-3152 01LM End milling cutter
P-3213 Angle Milling Cutter
P-3214 Angle Milling Cutter
P-1045 EM18 Angle Milling Cutter
P-3244 EW5510B End milling cutter
P-3263 DW2095-J4.5 Dimple cutter
P-3325 DW2105-J4.5 Dimple cutter
P-3328 DW2090-J4.5 Dimple cutter
P-3351 02LM End milling cutter
P-3377 HSSG3 Flat slotter
P-3386 TH8090-J4.5 Tracer Point
P-3407 02DM Dimple cutter
P-3408 04DM Dimple cutter
P-3715 EW6030B End milling cutter
P-3426 DW5095-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-3426 DW5095-0.8 Dimple cutter
P-3431 CU15A/FK2 Side milling cutter
P-3453 0023DC.C/SG10W Side milling cutter
P-3454 0020#M35-TIALN Flat slotter
P-3455 0020AM35-TIALN Side milling cutter
P-3456 0022#M35-TIALN Flat slotter
P-3457 0022AM35-TIALN Side milling cutter
P-3458 0023M35-TIALN Flat slotter
P-3459 0023AM35-TIALN Side milling cutter
P-3460 SG12W Side milling cutter
P-3464 PL1.0W Flat slotter
P-3501 DW5080-0.7 Dimple cutter
P-3501 DW5080-0.7 Dimple cutter
P-3515 EW5509B End milling cutter
P-3524 W114M End milling cutter
P-3580 TH7009 Tracer Point
P-3588 01LW End milling cutter
P-3590 FP26W Flat slotter
P-3616 3D Elite wheel Angle Milling Cutter
P-3617 TR2.5 End milling cutter
P-3619 W112M End milling cutter
P-3816 01F Angle Milling Cutter
P-3670 3D Elite Wheel HSSM35 Angle Milling Cutter
P-3694 AW5520 End milling cutter
P-3695 AW5525 End milling cutter
P-3718 W101M End milling cutter
P-3719 W129 End milling cutter
P-3727 8826-TIALN Flat slotter
P-3752 WP034 Angle Milling Cutter
P-3768 DW1090 Dimple cutter
P-3800 02LW End milling cutter
P-3801 V003M End milling cutter
P-3818 V001M Dimple cutter
P-3820 V003 End milling cutter
P-3682 EW6025 End milling cutter
P-3827 3D engroving cutter bits Engraving cutter
P-3828 3D tracer tips V2 Tracer Point
P-3829 03LM End milling cutter
P-3830 03TM Tracer Point
P-1077 Ry10030 Angle Milling Cutter
P-3842 18DM Engraving cutter
P-4010 EW6009 End milling cutter
P-3128 EW6015 End milling cutter
P-3699 EW6020 End milling cutter
P-3865 02TM Tracer Point
P-3896 B3310M/ C011AM Tracer Point
P-3897 B3304M/TL002M Tracer Point
P-3898 TL003M Tracer Point
P-3898 TL003M Tracer Point
P-3903 U101 Tracer Point
P-3904 U103 Tracer Point
P-3905 U102 Tracer Point
P-3906 U102TT Tracer Point
P-3907 U103TT Tracer Point
P-3911 W112 End milling cutter
P-3912 W302 End milling cutter
P-3913 V001 Dimple cutter
P-3914 5mm Tubular Cutter End milling cutter
P-3915 Calibration Stylus LKP1.7 Tracer Point
P-3917 03LW End milling cutter
P-3918 01DW Dimple cutter
P-3919 02DW Dimple cutter
P-3920 04DW Dimple cutter
P-3921 18DW Engraving cutter
P-3922 01T Tracer Point
P-3923 02T Tracer Point
P-3924 03T Tracer Point
P-4002 V037 End milling cutter
P-4003 V037M End milling cutter
P-4004 DW5105-1.0 Dimple cutter
P-4004 DW5105-1.0 Dimple cutter
P-4007 TW7010 Tracer Point
P-4008 TW7012 Tracer Point
P-4009 TW7030 Tracer Point
P-4011 TW7009 Tracer Point
P-4013 DW1082 Dimple cutter
P-4031 V004 Dimple cutter
P-4014 DW1100 Dimple cutter
P-4015 DW1106 Dimple cutter
P-4016 TW8080 Tracer Point
P-4017 TW8090 Tracer Point
P-4018 TW8095 Tracer Point
P-4019 TW8100 Tracer Point
P-4020 TW8105 Tracer Point
P-4032 V007 Dimple cutter
P-4033 V008 Dimple cutter
P-4034 V012 End milling cutter
P-4035 V002 End milling cutter
P-4036 V004M Dimple cutter
P-4037 V007M Dimple cutter
P-4038 V008M Dimple cutter
P-4039 V012M End milling cutter
P-4040 V002M End milling cutter
P-3817 EW6010 End milling cutter
P-3902 EW6012 End milling cutter
P-4064 HJX23MC Angle Milling Cutter
P-4097 AW5509 End milling cutter
P-506 DW1095 Dimple cutter
P-507 0014I.C.C. Angle Milling Cutter
P-625 CW-23MC Angle Milling Cutter
P-636 EW6815L-BS7 End milling cutter
P-667 TH7010 Tracer Point
P-668 TH7015 Tracer Point
P-669 TH7020 Tracer Point
P-672 TH7025 Tracer Point
P-673 TH7030 Tracer Point
P-678 TH8080 Tracer Point
P-679 TH8090 Tracer Point
P-680 TH8095 Tracer Point
P-681 TH8100 Tracer Point
P-682 TH8105 Tracer Point
P-694 DW2095 Dimple cutter
P-695 DW2090 Dimple cutter
P-705 B3310/ C011A Tracer Point
P-706 B3304/TL002 Tracer Point
P-707 TW6110 Tracer Point
P-709 No.0100 Tracer Point
P-709 No.0090 End milling cutter
P-709 No.0103 Tracer Point
P-709 No.0093 End milling cutter
P-721 U01 Angle Milling Cutter
P-723 0012IC.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-727 0011CI.C.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-728 0010I.C.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-729 0016 A I.C.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-730 P01W Angle Milling Cutter
P-731 U01W Angle Milling Cutter
P-738 0023M35 Flat slotter
P-742 0023CC.C.SG7W Flat slotter
P-743 0022C.C. Flat slotter
P-744 0021C.C. Flat slotter
P-745 0020C.C. Flat slotter
P-751 0020AM35 Side milling cutter
P-755 SG2W/FP21W Side milling cutter
P-756 FP8W Side milling cutter
P-757 0023C.C./FP20W Side milling cutter
P-758 0022AC.C. Side milling cutter
P-759 0020AC.C. Side milling cutter
P-760 8826# Side milling cutter
P-765 US101 Angle Milling Cutter
P-774 AW5510 End milling cutter
P-775 AW5515 End milling cutter
P-982 0017AI.C.C.-36T Angle Milling Cutter
P-983 0114 C.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-986 0010CC.C Angle Milling Cutter
P-988 0012C.C. Angle Milling Cutter
P-990 0014JC.C. Angle Milling Cutter


0021M35 Flat slotter
P-997 SG1W

Flat slotter

Catalog of Key Machine Code

*We manufacture milling cutters compatible with following machines.

EAST OF WU 530A US101      
GLADAID GL-368 GL-888 GL-333A GL-030 GL-320
GL-203 & 303        
Mul-T-Lock Mul-T-Lock        
CONDOR Conder XC-007        
SEC-E9 SEC-E9        
3D LKP 3D Elite 3D PRO,X and XL 3D Xtreme and S Retro  
WENXING 218-D 218-A 218-B 216 268
288 288-A 288-B 218D 218E
288C 218F 288F 298A 298B
233-A 233B 233C 100-B 283-A
283-B 217 100-A 100-A1 100-A2
100-A3 100A 100A1 100A2 100A3
100B 100C 201A, 201B, 201C,
201D, 100D, 100E, 100E1, 100F,
100F1 100G, 100G1 100G2 100G3
100G5 100H 0023B,0023CC.C,0023A,0023C.C,0023A-TIALN 101, 219,
219A, Q27 RG1BL, DePai(488E,298,288D)DuFu 238BS Q29
202A 202C 202 220 208
363, 333L, 339, 369, 368A&B,
398AC, 399AC 383AC    
JZ MOREDN 110 JZ-300 series JZ-2BS,2BA,2AS,JZ-238BS JZ-323,JZ-300AS,    
P2 P-MINI      
KEYLINE Keyline Bianchi 994 Keyline NINJA Keyline Versa Keyline Dezmo Keyline SIGMA PRO, 993 series
Keyline 201 Keyline 202/203/204 Keyline 206 Keyline 101 Keyline carat
Keyline FALCON Keyline Punto      
ILCO 023, 025, 045 KD50C,KD50A,KD71A,Bravo II KD14 KD15 2585DU, H2584CV, 2584CV, 2184CD
KD40, KD50, KD71; Borkey,RYTAN 020, 024A, 024B, 040, 044 16, 017, 018 KD40,KD50 Taylor KD1,KD5,KD6,KD20; Curtis-various models
HPC 9160MC, 9170MC, 9180MC HPC 9100, HPC9110,      
RYTAN RY10030--P72        
JET JET 7010, JET 7020 JET 8000 JET 7080, JET 7090 BORKEY REXA, ILCO KD40,KD50, KD71 RYTAN RY45, RY100, RY256 JET 7060, 7070, JET 7050 PRO SR,JET 7040 PRO JR  
HPC Tiger shankTM No. 123TSHARK Codemax® No. 1200MAX Original BlitzTM No. 1200CMB Extreme BlitzTM No. 1200CMBX Switch BlitzTM No. 1233CMSB
AutomateTM No.6666HQT Trace-A-key® No.3344HQT Mini Speedex® 9120RM Premier Speedex® 9160MC Power Speedex® 9180MC

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